Thursday, March 31, 2016

Assignment #10- Google #7 Drawing

Today's assignment is the last of the "technology proficiency" assignments.  Log in to your Google account and go to Drive.

You are going to explore the drawing program in Google Drive.  You will spend time creating a masterpiece.

You final drawing must contain 
different colors, 
and letters (your name at the very least).

Your final art must be school appropriate. 

You must spend at least 45 minutes creating this assignment.

Assignment #9- Google #6 Resume

Today you are going to be creating a resume for yourself in Google Drive.

 Use the picture below as a guide.

1)  Center your name, address and contact information.
2)  Include each of the 5 headings (Objective, Education, Experience, Relevant Skills & Courses, and Interests)  If you have not taken any college or vocational courses name the fourth heading "Relevant Skills."
3)  You don't need the horizontal lines to separate each category.

Notice that each heading is in bold and starts at the left margin.  All of the information after each heading starts at the same tab unless it is a further indented bullet point.  Correctly formatting a resume will make it look professional.  

The last thing you want is your resume to stand out for being sloppy and/or unprofessional.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Assignment #8- Google #5 Flyer

This is the fifth Google Drive Assignment

Today we are doing a one-page flyer document created with Google.  The content of this flyer will be whatever you choose (lost dog, garage sale, baby shower, etc.).

Minimum requirements

Flyer must be school appropriate.

Large centered title in the document 
(Lost Dog, Garage Sale, etc.)

at least 2 pictures (found in Google images)

at least 5 descriptive details about your topic.  (you can 

write in complete sentences or use bullet points)

full contact information including name, address, phone 

number and email address  (can be fake info)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Assignment #7- Google #4 Weekly Schedule

Today, you are going to create spreadsheet in Google Drive.  This spreadsheet will be a weekly schedule for next week starting with this Sunday (or it could be for our first week back to school after break).

Across the top of your spreadsheet you will type the 7 days of the week starting with Sunday (skip the first cell).
Down the first column (A) you will type every hour starting with 6:00 am through 2:00 am. (skip the first cell).  We will format the cells before we begin typing in the hours.

This schedule will have 147 cells to fill in.

You will color code the cells by changing the background color and the font color.

I will go over all the specifics in class.  It is important that you listen and follow along as I explain this assignment. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Assignment #6- Google #3 Budget

Today we are doing one of the required parts of the applied skills portion of this class.  We will be creating a budget spreadsheet using Google.

You are going to create a monthly budget.

Starting with cell A1, then A2, then A3, etc. through A10, you will type in these 10 expenses:

Cell Phone
Car Payment

In cell A11 you will type Total.

Then you will select cells B1 through B10 and then click the dollar sign button.  Then with the cells still selected click on the sum button found in the "Crazy E looking tool" at the end of the row of tools.

Now enter in dollar amounts in each of the cells.  The program will automatically add the dollar sign and total these dollar amounts.

Finally, select all of the cells (words and dollar amounts) except for the total cells at the bottom.
Then click on insert chart (There is a button for this or you can find it under the insert tab).
Select the pie chart, and choose one of the three different types of pie charts.
Position the chart so that it is to the right of the cells.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Assignment #5- Hour of Code

For this assignment, you are going to complete an "Hour of Code."  Click this link to begin.

After you finish the hour of code (it won't take an hour) you will download your certificate to your desktop.  Make sure you type your first and last name correctly on your certificate.  You will then do a blog post titled "Assignment #5- Hour of Code."  You will insert the image of your certificate and publish.

Assignment #4- Google Assignment #2

This is the second Google Drive assignment.

This assignment is a letter using the correct format (see example below).  You can choose to write a letter to a famous person (band) asking for an autographed picture or a letter to a company asking for free stuff.

1)  Go online and find the mailing address of a company (If you can also find the name of someone in that company, that's even better.) that you like or the mailing address of your favorite actor, singer, artist, etc.  

Make sure that you format this letter correctly.  Everything is left justified and there is a single open space between your address, date, the company's (person's) address, greeting, etc. until you get to the end. When you type the date type out the long version (March, 24, 2016).  Do not use only numbers (3/24/16).  When you finish the letter with "Sincerely yours," or "Respectfully yours," double-space before you type the "handwritten signature" and double-space again before you type the typed signature. Your name will be typed twice.  Then, we will change the font (to a handwritten looking font) of the first one to represent your signature.

In the body of the letter, write about how much you like the company, group, or person detailing the products that you use from the company or the things (albums, movies, etc.) that you like about them (at least 1 paragraph- 4 sentences).  

In the last paragraph, ask the company if they have any free stuff or coupons (or if it is a person you could ask for an autographed picture or something).

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Assignment #3- Google Assignment #1

Today's assignment will be the same content as your "About Me" blog post.  It will be done as a document in Google Drive.

I will go over the specific procedures for working with Google Drive in class.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Assignment #2 My Favorite Hobby

This is a blog assignment.

Title the post "My Favorite Hobby."  Write at least 150 words about your favorite hobby (a school appropriate activity that you do for fun).  You can briefly summarize the hobby in a few sentences (no more than 3).  The majority of this blog post will be about your opinions of the hobby and why it is your favorite.

You will add a related link and 2 pictures to this blog post.

Example of a link.

When creating the link in your post.
1. Select a word that you have already typed (do not add any extra words to create the link).
2. Click on the "Link" button in the tool bar (Link).
3. Type in the website.

Adding pictures to blog posts

1.  The picture you want to add must already be downloaded to the computer.
2.  To the right of the Link button you will find the Insert image button.  Click on it.
3.  Select choose file (select the correct image.).
4.  After it is uploaded, click add selected image.

Minimum requirements
3 paragraphs
150 words
2 pictures
1 link (to a related website)

Assignment #1 About Me

This first assignment will be completed on your Blog. 

Write at least 3 paragraphs of at least 100 words about yourself.

We started this on day 1 of the class.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Introduction/How this class works/Getting set up

This is a 4 week technology class that if completed will earn you 5 credits.  In order to earn the 5 credits you must complete every assignment (correctly).  If you do not correctly complete every assignment you will earn no credit.

There are 18 different assignments that must be completed in this class.  If you are absent any days, you are still responsible for completing all 18 assignments.

To begin this class you must have a Google account.  If you have a valid Google email (Gmail) account that you know the password to, then you are ready to go.  If you do not have one or you cannot remember the password, you will need to create a new account.

Set Up Tasks

1.  Sign in to your Google Account (create a Google Account if necessary).
2.  Email me ( from this account.
     subject- Your first and last name
     body-  "I understand that I must correctly complete every assignment by the last day of this
      4-week class to earn the 5 credits in this class."
3.  Go to Google Drive.
4.  Create a new folder named "Wheel-Yourlastname."
5.  Go to blogger.
6.  Create a new blog named "Wheel Technology."
     For the blog address choose "wheelyourlastname"  (all one word with no capital letters)
     Choose the "Awesome Inc." template.
7.  Email me (
     subject- Your first name, last name, and your blog address.