Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blog #17- Critical Film Review or correctly answer the logic problems

This is a blog assignment.  You can choose to do a Critical Film Review or correctly answer the 3 "Handshakes" problems.

Critical Film Review

1)  Choose a film that you have seen.

You are the one and only expert of your opinions.  Write about your specific opinions about the specific elements from the film you choose that stood out to you.  You can write about specific characters, actors, overall character development, dialogue, cinematography, story, plot, etc.

Include a picture relating to the movie (movie poster, etc.) to begin your review. 
 This critical review will be written in paragraphs and be at least 150 words.  
When referencing character’s or actor’s names make sure you spell them correctly with capital letters beginning each name.

1)  Begin your critical review with a general synopsis of the story (short summary- 2 sentences maximum) followed by your overall opinion of the film.  Do not include spoilers anywhere in your review. 

2)  Go in to detail about your opinions and the film elements that support your opinions.  Write about each element in its own paragraph. Include examples from the film to support your opinions. For example, if you liked/disliked the main character you could write a paragraph about what you liked/didn't like about the character citing examples from the film. (3 paragraphs minimum).  There are many specific characters you could focus on in your paragraphs 

3)  Conclude your review with a final paragraph summarizing your opinion and giving a final recommendation (thumbs up, thumbs down, 3 out of 4 stars, C+, etc.).  You choose how you will grade each film.

This outline will give you a 3 paragraph critical review.  You can write more than 3 paragraphs if you so desire.

"Handshakes" Problems

1)  You walk into your first college class and the professor tells you to shake hands and introduce yourself to every student in the classroom.  Every student shakes hands with all other students exactly once.  How many handshakes were there (there are a total of 10 students in class)?

2)  After everyone finishes shaking hands an eleventh student enters the classroom.  How many handshakes will there be (total) after he is done shaking hands?

3)  What would be the total if there were 20 students in the class?

The following illustration is your hint as to how to figure out these three answers.  Post your three answers on your blog.  Title the post "How Many Handshakes?"

Additional hint-  There is a pattern (formula) to this problem.  Once you figure it out, you can quickly calculate the answer no matter how many people there are.

You may collaborate with your fellow classmates, but you must be able to explain your answers.

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